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Ever since I signed up with my fiancee to learn a dance for our wedding reception, I’ve been on a dance-movie-watching kick. Watching dancers point their toes, fingers, elbows, and hips has never been so enthralling. I highly recommend Dance with Me (starring Vanessa Williams and Chayanne). The Latin dance competition scenes are more powerful than any Olympic ice routine. Although I can’t figure out why Ruby seems to be chomping on gum the whole time. I also noticed it on a Youtube video of some ballroom dance competition. Is it another way to keep their mouths engaged in the dancing? Does it add something specific to their theme? They well captured the feeling of knowing how to dance one style, but feeling totally lost on the dance floor if your partner is from a different school of thought. (Cuba vs. American Salsa moves)

Strictly Ballroom knocked my sequins off, too. As is common in Baz Luhrmann’s movies, the video skips around, but I found the colors bedazzling and the overacting humorous. Fran’s dad truly is worth watching as he teaches the main characters what the Paso Doble is all about.

I also re-visited Dirty Dancing (starring Patrick Swayze RIP and Jennifer Grey). Yes. OMG yes. God bless Patrick and his hips. I had forgotten how dirty the dancing really was in that movie. Especially for something filmed in the late 80’s. *check out the extended scene of Patrick and Jennifer dancing in his bedroom in the twentieth anniversary edition. The movie showed some basic salsa steps and sexy rumba moves.


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