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I enjoy experimenting with different types of craft projects. Here are just a few of the things I’ve made since 2005.

. . .


Cheng's old Tshirts

. . .


Because the colors just make me happy!

. . .



. . .


Made for Perla's baby shower

. . .


My first attempt at beadwork

. . .


Made for Tara's Halloween wedding

. . .


Groom's bag

. . .


Birthday present for Traci

. . .


I made this bag for Tara years ago



  1. Hi Negina! I love the pictures of your work. I’m finally working on a t-shirt quilt myself! My shirts all seem to have really large images on them and so I’m currently cutting 16″ blocks. What size did you make yours? I’m debating cutting them smaller to accommodate more shirts and just give a sense of the image or leaving them big and making more quilts….

    • My squares are 12″. I fit 30 of them in a 5×6 grid pattern with a border between and around the edge. It fits our full bed, but could easily work on a queen as well. Something that helped the layout…I took photos of each block and then rearranged them on the computer to see if I liked it. I also made mine a duvet cover instead of quilting it to the back (I used a queen sized sheet for the backing.)

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