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Two tickets to see Dispatch prompted this trip. One of my favorite bands, and so far the only one I’ve ever traveled to see. We were hoping for cooler weather as well, but we accidentally brought Austin’s swelter with us. The final day I convinced Cheng to drive up to Mt. Evans just to cool off. Going from 90 to 40 and back in a few hours was quite exhausting! Thank goodness Cheng was willing to drive on that crazy winding road, ’cause I couldn’t have handled it. One day we visited some Ultimate friends for a lovely brunch and a trip to downtown Denver to see a chalk art festival in Larimer Square. Another day we met some fellow Dispatch fans staying in our B&B as well as a couple of other guys they met on the Coors tour. We all had dinner together before carpooling to beautiful Red Rocks Ampitheater in Morrison for some tailgating (including Wild Turkey, Old Crow, and Cornhole) prior to the awesome Dispatch concert.

I’ve included some of my favorite pics here, but if you want to see all of them (including the moose & her calf, more chalk art, and paragliders), check out Cheng’s Flickr account.


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  1. You have been to all of my favorite places in Colorado and there are so many more. I am so blessed by moving to Austin but when I hear people talk about Co it still makes me so wish I would have gotten a few of the jobs there I interviewd for. Enjoy its beauty to me its the closet to thing to Heaven on earth all the green and fresh air and the beauty of it. If you need anynore ideas on places to go let me know I used to go at lest 3 times a year when I was trying to move there… Have fun hugs and love

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