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I’m enjoying watercolor painting more than when I started. I especially like how quickly I see results; it appeases my need to be fast and free 🙂

.   .   .

This was a 2 day project I started in class, then finished at home. I had previously thought to paint it with oils, but then I decided to use it as a way to further practice painting with masking fluid to preserve white space. My sister and I were tasting the multitude of margaritas during our trip to San Diego a few years ago. I’ve always liked the way the sun contrasted with the many pinks in this picture.

Melissa in San Diego

.   .   .

I painted Pinecone from a picture I took when Cheng and I were on our honeymoon in Oregon. We were staying at a tiny motel in Etna before driving across the mountains the next day. I got up early to explore town and get some fun photos in the morning sunshine. I like the crisp edges of the pinecone and nearby needles compared to the fuzzy trees and shadows further down the lane. I really tried to enhance the far-away fuzziness by including a halo around the sky bits visible through the leaves.

Etna Pinecone

.   .   .

I painted Blue Bottle during my regular painting class when Rose subbed for my regular teacher. She thought we’d enjoy playing around with oil pastels. Of course! I always enjoy playing around with art materials! She wanted us to try using turpenoid to blend colors and give her feedback about the process. While I liked the way it smoothed out the lines, I realized I couldn’t come back and draw on top of any places I had used the turp because it would lift color instead of adding it. The back ground was made with a combination of techniques. I ripped pieces of bleeding tissue paper to scatter around. Then I spread a watery glue mixture on top. After letting it mostly dry, I peeled up the paper. I didn’t like the pastel aspect that process left, so I came back over with an orange-red oil pastel to contrast the blue of the bottle. Finally I smoothed it all out with a layer of turp.

Blue Bottle


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