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In the spirit of the locals, since we couldn’t spend a day without hearing someone mention some other famous person, here goes a quick summary of our visit to LA.

Cuddling it up with fellow Puddlers on the beach during Lei Out occupied most of the weekend. During the killer post-party we ran into such illustrious “J”s as Matt Jacobs, and Jason Sugg. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it out to the post-post-party, but I heard that Katie Herbers ran the night into the ground.

After a massive sendoff of minor proportions, we transitioned our stay to a French Gothic style AirBnB room hosted by David Raven, drummer, singer, composer. 2015-01-19 16.06.31

While looking for a quick dinner at a local burger bar, we stumbled on a documentary filming for a pop-up chef (Mark Peel, “one of the founding chefs of modern California cooking”) serving a special menu to garner excitement about his new restaurant. Mark is actually around the corner in the kitchen, but there was a line of patrons behind this blond woman waiting to take pictures through the window. And I’m a sucker for taking photos of other people taking photos!2015-01-20 18.06.02

Another popular tourist thing to do in LA is to go shopping. So I bought 100% human hair, a masquerade mask and a leather purse shaped like an owl.

2015-01-20 20.15.172015-01-20 20.05.20

Finally, we visited 4 museums in 2 days, ooo-ing and awe-ing over a variety of displays- like a section of the Berlin wall, re-purposed lamp posts, bubbling asphalt, and these weird, yellow dangly things.

2015-01-20 14.26.47 2015-01-20 16.13.25 2015-01-20 15.46.19 2015-01-20 13.49.39


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