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packed for IndiaPlus 2 pairs of shoes, my laptop and I’m packed and ready to go!. *Tip, stuff sacks rocked my world a little bit. That blue one you see in the top left?…my frog onesie for the Windmill tourney in Amsterdam. And I used another to contain all my workout/ultimate stuff.

I have a few ideas of things I might do to occupy my days in Hyderabad while Cheng is working, but of course I’ll play it by ear once we arrive. Someone recently suggested I attend one of the professional women’s table tennis practice sessions. Someone else suggested I look into taking traditional dance classes. Possibly some yoga. I’ve already been hooked up with an ultimate team! Please let me know if you have any other suggestions. I expect to have regular email and Facebook access.

My itinerary:

March 26: Arrive in Hyderabad at 4:30am.
March 26-June 6: Staying at Tara Residency in HiTech City, Whitefields area. Maybe take a couple long weekend mini-vacations. Agra? Darjeeling?
June 6: fly to Paris to hook up with friends from home. Travel through Belgium and end up in Amsterdam for Windmill.
June 16: Return to Hyderabad
June 18: Cheng takes 2 weeks vacay and we tour India. Perhaps Rajasthan, Jaipur, Kerala (our choices might be limited as monsoon season will have begun.)
July 2: Fly to London. Visit Cheng’s aunt and cousins
July 7: Return to Austin, TX.

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