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Reader beware…this one’s a bit of a rant.

So I’m hearing from the locals that Hyderabad is a more modern city in India. We’re in the hi tech section unofficially called Cyberabad…near the Google offices if you want to..ahem…google it. Although our current place is kind of creepy so we’ll be moving next weekend to a new place farther away, but more homey (or as many residential advertisements here say “homely.” We’re in a furnished suite in a hotel-type building. very modern. The first couple days we were the only guests, but a few groups have since arrived. and soooo many staff! They just hover, pouncing on any chance to offer assistance. Cheng was up really early Saturday for a bike ride with coworkers [pictures here] and saw them just sleeping in the lobby (towels over their heads) …waiting…

Yesterday Cheng asked for a couple bottles of water on his way to the room after work and was told no because we already had bottles in the room. Since water is supposed to be provided as part of the stay here, we were confused. However, I realized we had some empties in the corner waiting for recycling, so maybe that was what they meant. I’m pretty sure they just re-use bottles filled from a main, filtered (hopefully) source. So today I trekked 6 empties down and exchanged them for 2 full bottles. This seemed to require a lot of conversation in Telugu between the front desk manager and his boss. I didn’t figure out what the problem was, though. Mostly we only get smiles, nods, and “Yes, Madam” or “Yes, Sir.”

This incident also seemed to trigger the house-keeping staff activation button because I received a call the second I stepped inside the door (I swear they just wait and watch!) asking if they could clean now. I’ve only been letting them in every couple days because I can’t stand the smell of the cleaners they use. And, really, is it necessary to bleach the showers (yes, we have 2 bathrooms in our 2 room suite,) mop the floors, and change the towels everyday? (and the pillowcases, but not the sheets?) So the 2 cleaning ladies and 3-4 supervisors all traipsed in to do their thing.

IMG_2771 Also, they brought in a surprise microwave for the room, unasked. Granted, in the advertisement, this place says it comes with AC, refrigerator, microwave, hot water, etc. However, the AC only works in one room at random times. The first fridge got it’s cabinet enclosure really hot without cooling the inside of the fridge, and the hot water comes and goes. Many of these things we could learn to live with, but what’s so creepy is the lack of privacy. I know they think they’re just offering super-attentive service, but I’d prefer to be serviced less often. So we’ll relocate to another place this weekend.


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