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It only took a 23 hour trek around the world to get me a really smart phone and my first Uber experience.

Someone recently asked my what the best part of my trip was so far, and my answer probably isn’t what you’d expect. I learned to use Uber for the first time. Sure, I’m somewhat joking, but also serious! Of course, I’d heard other people back home tout it’s usefulness, but my phone was never smart enough to support the app. However, I am now the proud owner (temporarily) of an Intex Q1. For signing up, I automatically received a free ride up to 600 rupees (~$10), but could only rack up a third of that cost. It’s, literally, uber-convenient to have an air-conditioned car show up wherever I am and take me wherever I want to go for less than half the price of a TukTuk. Yesterday I traveled ~10 miles in traffic (1hr) and spent $3.86, and that was for the mid-level Uber car since it was the only type available!


Typical Tuk Tuk or auto rickshaw


Watch out for traffic on the sidewalks!


Crossing the road is like playing Frogger, but instead landing between vehicles.



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