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According to TripAdvisor, visiting the Salar Jung Museum rates #4/193 things to do in Hyderabad. So that’s how I chose to spend my Thursday. Normally, I flock to the painting section anytime I visit a museum, but this time I rented the audio guide (~$1) and took my time exploring everything. Except the clock. Apparently, there is this amazingly detailed musical clock by Cook and Kelvey Co. in 19th century England that activates and begins chiming 4 minutes before the hour. I was so engrossed in admiring other galleries, that I forgot to go see the clock during every one of my 3 opportunities.

But I did snap some pics of these items that spoke to me in some way.



Ivory carved balls within balls within balls


Elephants carved from an ivory tusk


XL pizza-sized necklace for an elephant


19th century air twisted stemware


Father of Emperor Shah Jahan (who built the Taj Mahal)


Double-sided wood carved statue


The priceless glass-polishing crew hard at work.

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.   .   .

After the museum I wandered around a bit before catching my ride home. I found the motherload of shoes as I traveled blocks down shoe alley! Then I passed through 3-4 more blocks of wedding stationery stores.


The corner store at the beginning of shoe alley


Need a door?



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