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I was chatting with my sister on her birthday a few days ago and she mentioned something about how our current apartment looks. It prompted me to snap and post a few photos of the place Cheng and I are calling home for now. We left the hotel-like place withing the first week of arriving in Hyderabad and found this little gem. Called Falcon’s Nest Serviced Apartments, we still get basic room cleaning and complimentary breakfast, but we’re also afforded much more privacy. It’s basically a one-bedroom apartment not much smaller than where I lived in Chicago. The bedroom runs parallel to the living/kitchen area, so I stood in the doorway between the 2 rooms to get most of these pics.

Cheng often has video conference meetings in the evenings because we are 10.5 hours ahead of Austin, so we arranged the desk in such a way that I’m not making guest appearances in the background.


Facing the front door and “office”

Snazzy couch, yeah? There is also a supremely uncomfortable chair located just in front of where I’m standing, so the camera didn’t catch it. It works extremely well for holding my hat, purse and scarf as well as putting on shoes. The coffee table doubles as our dining table. I usually enjoy my tea and fried egg breakfast there.


Living area and kitchen. TV on the wall to my right.

Probably my favorite part about this apartment over a hotel is the kitchen area. Even just having a sink and stovetop makes life incredible! I can make my own coffee in the morning and I probably cook dinner 3-4 times a week. Although, I’ve had to be extremely creative, having only these 2 gas burners and a few available pots.



Our bed is really just 2 twin beds shoved together. Given that the mattresses are almost like sleeping on a pile of cardboard, the crack is virtually unnoticeable. To the right is the door to a tiny 2’x6′ balcony. We considered hanging a line out there to dry hand-washed clothes, but too many pigeons have already visibly laid claim to it.


Bedroom and dressing area

We’ve had a couple thunderstorms so far and learned that balcony door doesn’t keep out water all that well. Turns out a squeegee and dustpan work pretty well for cleanup.



Closet space outside the bathroom

Instead of invading the pigeon’s balcony territory, we use the line we hung for the shower curtain to also dry clothes.


~8’x8′ bathroom with open shower

I love that we get plenty of hot and cold water in the shower! After a night soaking in vinegar, the showerhead has also reunited into a single stream for a most pleasant experience.


Baby pigeon off the edge of our balcony

Disgusted by how dirty the “white” walls appeared when we first moved in, I spent hours scrubbing the entire place. Then I labeled all the mystery switches. This gang is outside the bathroom. The ones in the bedroom and living area have 2 rows of mystery switches.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


burning garbage in the neighborhood


Guard dog that lives outside 1st floor apt.


Sunset in our kitchen


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