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  1. People rarely remember to bring water to outdoor activities, but they’ll all want some of yours.
  2. People drink from water bottles by pouring it into their mouths. No touching.
  3. The gym offers communal water bottles.
  4. When Zumba class is scheduled for M,W,F at 8am. That really means sometimes 8, sometimes 7:30, and occasionally not on Monday.
  5. One person’s only job at the gym is to wipe down the mats after each use.
  6. Green mango has to be the best thing ever. It’s wonderful for cooking with okra and better than lemon juice for topping other dishes.
  7. Don’t expect to get a large cup of coffee anywhere unless you go to a western style place.
  8. You can buy pretty much anything you need as long as you can find a tiny specialty store for it. Google maps is almost useless for finding these specialty stores. You have to ask someone.
  9. Tea and coffee are served with lots of sugar.
  10. When you go into a “wine store” looking for wine, it’s a limited selection hidden in the back corner behind all the prominently displayed hard liquor.
  11. When crossing the street, hold out your hand, palm down,  to magically make all the cars stop for you.
  12. Good chocolate is not a thing here. Everything has a high wax content to survive the heat.
  13. Cloudy egg whites are a sign of freshness. Not all the carbon dioxide has escaped the shell.
  14. Even though the “lemons” are small, round and green, they are still called “lemons.”
  15. If you are a woman and choose to wear local ethnic outfits, people you’ve never met will come up to you and tell you how nice you look in “Indian” clothes.



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