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Hi, my name is Negina and I’m an addict. Yes, I’m addicted to Ultimate Frisbee. It’s how I met Cheng, it’s how I know almost all of my friends. I never travel to a new city without researching the local pickup scene. I love playing the game, but even more, I love the community surrounding the game. Anywhere you go, people who play Ultimate are guaranteed to be friendly, funny, and welcoming. Since I first joined that introductory women’s clinic in Chicago way back in 2003, I’ve made it an integral part of my tourist identity.

And Hyderabad is no exception. Before arriving in India, I researched the pickup websites. The online presence seemed a little sparse in Hyderabad, but I networked on Facebook to get contact info for a friend of a friend. After a few failed attempts to find a game (and 6 weeks of withdrawal,) I got down to the nitty-gritty business of in-depth Facebook stalking.

Jackpot!!! Not only did I get a quick fix, but I’ve been riding high 3 times a week since early May! It turns out that most of my earlier contacts have since moved to other cities. When I found profiles of local players (as evidenced by the many disc-filled photos) I also discovered a recurring mutual friend…someone I knew in Costa Rica 10 years ago. Further vindication for not deleting any FB contacts on the off-chance you might want to re-connect one day.

And so my story began with the wonderful folks on team Disc-O-Tech


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