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Practice started off pretty normal with everyone cleating up and throwing around.

.   .   .

Then Om shared the horrible







.   .   .

He had a flat tire! Oh no!


Om has been lovely, giving me a ride home when practice ends at 9pm so I don’t have to cab it, so the very least I could do was offer some sage wisdom I learned from my dad. Having never actually changed a tire myself, I really only knew how to do it in theory. But just like that time I learned how to ride the subway in Budapest, this all worked out fine.

First we tried a portable air pump Anand lent us, but that didn’t seem to be working properly. Then I let the three of them stare at the tire for a bit before showing them how to use that funny, flat edged tool to pop off the hubcap. (yes, the tire crowbar.) Although I quickly stopped Om from throwing his back out trying to loosen the lugnut by showing him how to flip the crowbar the other way and stand on it.


Then it was time for these 3 engineers to figure out the jack. I knew it should go on the frame, but I wasn’t sure exactly where. Also, I had never seen this type of jack before so I was all out of advice. After crawling under the car for a while, Om finally went inside and recruited a couple of actual engineers (I just made that up. I’m not sure what their jobs were) to assist in the jack placement.

IMG_3429Eventually, we got the tire changed, did a happy dance, and cheered all around before heading home.


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  1. Nice work!

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