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Right after he glanced at my bra and sniffed my shoe, but I chased him away with loud clapping and much “Hey, Cow-ing.”

After all the hectic mountain driving of the previous few days, Cheng and I spent a couple of nights recovering at peaceful Trishla Resort in Tirthan Valley.

I even tried my hand at batting during a cricket pickup game with a family from Delhi! Apparently I scored a decent amount of points, but once I almost took out the windows of our residence, I handed the surprisingly heavy bat off to another player.


On our free day there, we hiked to a beautiful waterfall near our resort.

I took off my pants to float over to a large rock Cheng thought would be a good lounging place and noticed many little tadpoles adhered to that rock. Oops…not tadpoles, but leeches! I freaked out when I saw 2 of them trying to attach to my legs. So I made Cheng use a scarf and act as a curtain rod while I took off all my clothes to check for any more, then put on some dry things from my bag.


Just as we were about to leave, my foot slipped off a rock and I totally soaked my shoe. Since we weren’t in any rush, I laid the sock and shoe on the bank along with my other clothes from earlier and lounged in the shade across the stream. Sitting up just in time to see 2 cows moseying down the path I watched as one perused my things, but chose to eat the grass next to them instead.


We feared the cows would block our way back on the narrow trail, so as soon as they left my things, we jumped back across the stream to pack up. Luckily they were more concerned with eating grass than us, so we narrowly squeezed by them (minding their horns) and continued on our way home.